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TIME TO BREATHE LIFE INTO THE COMMUNITY - Campfire Sagas [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Campfire Sagas

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Campfire Sagas


Evidently we haven't been committed enough to get a full story rolling again (you fools), so I'll make this simple. If it works out well I guess I can make it a game mode. Whatever who even cares I'll just explain it.

BASICALLY this is a simple game based on the whole "six degrees of separation" idea. The first poster introduces a character and gives a brief description of their personality and lifestyle. At the end of their post, they segue into a new character whom the poster's character is personally acquainted with (as in, no role model kind of shit, they have to have met and interacted on a regular basis).

The next poster names the new character and does the same for them, leading into the next character in the same fashion. This can and should stray wildly from the original character, BUT, eventually, should wind up linking back to the beginning. At which point the chain is complete and we can rejoice at how much of everyone's time has been wasted!


Bill is a plumber. Bill buys plumbing supplies from a guy named...

Ted. Ted is in love with a girl named...

June. June is cheating on Ted for a plumber named Bill.


If you want you can also draw your character or whatever. I don't care. Also, leave a comment letting folks know you're writing, as usual.


Larry Steinheimer is a boring accountant with a boring family in a boring house. His favorite meal ever consists of plain toast and soy milk. If he's feeling risque, he will throw a saltine or two in there. Every suit he has ever owned has consisted of drab grey colors, with the exception of a festive beige suit for vacations.

More than ANYTHING in the world, Larry loves numbers! When he is bored, he will count. When he was a child, he once counted all the way to 32,188, and he had a big warm smile on his face the whole time. He is also rather enthusiastic about suitcases, and will often carry one around even when he has nothing to carry. Larry also believes Marmaduke to be a work of modern art.

However, Larry is constantly bothered by his next door neighbor, a young man by the name of...

[User Picture]From: prozd
2011-10-04 04:49 am (UTC)
Tommy Beck, a med school student who loves havin' a good time and wants Larry to join in the fun. Tommy hails from the Big Apple and misses the hustle and bustle of the city. He loves decorating his house with larger than life displays, even when there isn't really a relevant holiday or reason to do so. Larry hates ANYTHING that is remotely festive and fun, so of course Tommy is always hassling Larry to come over to one of his super fun parties he throws for the whole neighborhood.

But what Larry DOESN'T know is that Tommy is actually working undercover for a secret giant robot defense force and he's secretly trying to recruit Larry to join their ranks as a defender of the city. Tommy is unique in that his giant robot is "female", whereas most members of the SGRDF (Secret Giant Robot Defense Force) have a matching robot in "gender." And that giant robot's name is...
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