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Game Mode: Universe Population PREMISE The United International… - Campfire Sagas [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Apr. 9th, 2011|10:44 pm]
Campfire Sagas


Game Mode: Universe Population

The United International Chess Tournament XVII is just over the horizon! This is a fierce and world-renowned competition, drawing in (Chess) fighters from all across the world! Who will claim this year's title of GRAND CHESSMASTER EXTREME!?

Fantasy world, not Earth. You can make up countries and cultures if you want! It can also contain like America because why the hell not.

-Make sure to specify whether the character is a competitor or not! They don't have to be!

-If they are a competitor, try to briefly explain their playing style. Do they have any odd quirks in their game? Do they use rooks and ONLY rooks? Are they just BATSHIT INSANE? Tell us!

-Chess is being used as a premise, not a motif. Every character does not have to be Chess-based! Actually most of them probably shouldn't be.

-Just to be clear, yes, this is parodying fighting games.

[User Picture]From: prozd
2011-04-11 05:23 am (UTC)
Oliver Rourke (COMPETITOR?)

Oliver is a charismatic Irishman who runs the United International Chess Tournament. His motives are unknown, but PROBABLY SINISTER. Why else would you offer $$800,000,000 to try to attract the top chess players in one place?

That's because Oliver Rourke is the SECRET BOSS. He is a Galactic Chessmaster driven purely by reckless ambition to defeat every other chess player in the world.

He's infamous for his fondness of the ladies. No one is sure about how many he's bedded, but he's bedded a LOT. His perfectly blond hair and dazzling blue eyes make the ladies swoon. He often wears classy business suits and tuxedos.

Oliver has a ruthless playing style and literally does not know how to give up. Even when at a disadvantage, he remains absolutely defiant towards his opponent while still retaining his charisma. He also has a habit of talking to his pieces and having them "talk back" in different voices, partly to irritate his opponents and also because he thinks it's fun.

Favorite Piece: The King

Quote: "What's that, Knight? You're going to take the Bishop? Well, go ahead, boyo! OKAY MR. ROURKE!!!"
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