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Game Mode: Universe Population PREMISE The United International… - Campfire Sagas [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Apr. 9th, 2011|10:44 pm]
Campfire Sagas


Game Mode: Universe Population

The United International Chess Tournament XVII is just over the horizon! This is a fierce and world-renowned competition, drawing in (Chess) fighters from all across the world! Who will claim this year's title of GRAND CHESSMASTER EXTREME!?

Fantasy world, not Earth. You can make up countries and cultures if you want! It can also contain like America because why the hell not.

-Make sure to specify whether the character is a competitor or not! They don't have to be!

-If they are a competitor, try to briefly explain their playing style. Do they have any odd quirks in their game? Do they use rooks and ONLY rooks? Are they just BATSHIT INSANE? Tell us!

-Chess is being used as a premise, not a motif. Every character does not have to be Chess-based! Actually most of them probably shouldn't be.

-Just to be clear, yes, this is parodying fighting games.

[User Picture]From: prozd
2011-04-10 07:34 pm (UTC)
Pherra (Competitor)

Pherra is a fairy girl who is almost always surrounded by woodland creatures who adore her. She has large, vibrant wings that allow her to fly. She is also immortal; despite her young appearance, she has lived for several centuries. She is able to speak with practically every animal that lives in her magical woods.

Pherra has a very energetic, practically manic personality. She becomes absolutely ecstatic whenever making a good move; the animals will usually rejoice with her. It is not uncommon for her to fly around in the air in the middle of a game, whooping and doing barrel rolls.

Pherra is stunningly beautiful with long, red hair and a circlet of flowers on top of her head. She wears garments made of thick, green leaves. She almost always carries a traditional fairy spear.

Favorite Piece: The Knight

Quote: "Did you see THAT, Mr. Squirrel? How wonderful!"
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[User Picture]From: armanky
2011-04-11 04:45 am (UTC)
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