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Game Mode: Universe Population PREMISE The United International… - Campfire Sagas [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Apr. 9th, 2011|10:44 pm]
Campfire Sagas


Game Mode: Universe Population

The United International Chess Tournament XVII is just over the horizon! This is a fierce and world-renowned competition, drawing in (Chess) fighters from all across the world! Who will claim this year's title of GRAND CHESSMASTER EXTREME!?

Fantasy world, not Earth. You can make up countries and cultures if you want! It can also contain like America because why the hell not.

-Make sure to specify whether the character is a competitor or not! They don't have to be!

-If they are a competitor, try to briefly explain their playing style. Do they have any odd quirks in their game? Do they use rooks and ONLY rooks? Are they just BATSHIT INSANE? Tell us!

-Chess is being used as a premise, not a motif. Every character does not have to be Chess-based! Actually most of them probably shouldn't be.

-Just to be clear, yes, this is parodying fighting games.

[User Picture]From: prozd
2011-04-10 06:41 am (UTC)
The Contessa (Competitor)

The Contessa hails from Vaingloria, a land where modern society has deteriorated and entire metropolises are abandoned and left in ruins. The people of Vaingloria vanished without a trace, leaving only a select handful of citizens to wonder where they went. The Contessa came to the tournament to win the substantial prize money ($$800,000,000) and rebuild her lost kingdom in hopes to restore it to its former glory.

The Contessa does not have any supernatural abilities, but she takes other's abilities in stride. She is not easily startled even by the more fantastical competitors. She is always accompanied by her faithful servant Samson who she treats with the most utter respect as she does with all of her Vainglorian subjects.

As for everyone ELSE, the Contessa constantly taunts them theatrically.

The Contessa is an attractive, middle-aged woman with long, blonde hair. She wears traditional Vainglorian clothes of the monarchy (up to you, artist, but make them luxurious) and wields a silver scepter.

Favorite Piece: The Queen

Quote: "Did you actually BELIEVE you could beat ME?! OH HO HO HO HO HO"
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[User Picture]From: armanky
2011-04-10 07:37 am (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: wilcoblackflame
2011-04-10 08:10 am (UTC)
Gary "Sir Galakadd" Dermen (Competitor)

A youth from the slums in the backwater kingdom of Hoppentoppen, the young Gary once found a book on the glorious conquests of the kings knights. He couldn't read of course, being an uneducated peasant, but the pictures were pretty inspiring. From that day forth he aspired to rise from his lowly birth to the ranks of the royal knights.

In the days since, Gary has since managed to cobble together his own makeshift armor from the miscellanious pieces of inedible garbarge salvaged from the junk piles that litter the streets. His sword is a jagged reject stolen from a blacksmith's wastepile, and his shield bears a crest with a rat design.

He has no formal training in arms and his combat ability would be regarded by actual knights as sloppy and uncouth. His only notable ability is a strange affinity he seems to share with rats. When outmatched and outclassed (practically always)he has been known to summon a small horde of them with a gutteral battlecry. It's pretty disgusting really.

Galakadd's grasp on what's going on at the tournement is rather sketchy and he doesn't really understand what chess is. His goal to champion the unwashed masses and attain the rank of knight are evident in his comaradarie with others of his own standing and his UTTER CONTEMPT for those higher up the social ladder.

Favourite piece: Knight/Pawn

Quote: Gather ye round lads! Let's go end some dandys!
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[User Picture]From: prozd
2011-04-10 07:34 pm (UTC)
Pherra (Competitor)

Pherra is a fairy girl who is almost always surrounded by woodland creatures who adore her. She has large, vibrant wings that allow her to fly. She is also immortal; despite her young appearance, she has lived for several centuries. She is able to speak with practically every animal that lives in her magical woods.

Pherra has a very energetic, practically manic personality. She becomes absolutely ecstatic whenever making a good move; the animals will usually rejoice with her. It is not uncommon for her to fly around in the air in the middle of a game, whooping and doing barrel rolls.

Pherra is stunningly beautiful with long, red hair and a circlet of flowers on top of her head. She wears garments made of thick, green leaves. She almost always carries a traditional fairy spear.

Favorite Piece: The Knight

Quote: "Did you see THAT, Mr. Squirrel? How wonderful!"
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[User Picture]From: armanky
2011-04-11 04:45 am (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: armanky
2011-04-10 08:28 pm (UTC)
CR-29 (Competitor)

A product of generations of hardcore science, CR-29 is the cutting edge of Chess-playing technology and the 29th iteration of the CR (Chess Robot) series.

CR-29 is programmed to foresee up to 50 moves ahead and contains enough memory to store every piece of literature ever written four times over. His creators are a mysterious league of scientists known only as the PSRG, or the Private Science and Robot Guild. There are numerous rumors circulating about their involvement in the tournament as well as their true intent as an organization.

While his technological prowess is highly sophisticated, his people skills are not. He is programmed with a very primitive version of human interaction software, spouting out polite phrases such as "Good day!" and "How kind of you!" in entirely inappropriate situations. In fact, most of his comments seem a little out of place, and often people wonder if he's even having the same conversation as they are when they speak to him.

CR-29 is a machine, obviously. His head resembles a disco ball and he has a human face welded onto his head that comes straight out of uncanny valley. This face doesn't actually move, but glows as he speaks. The rest of his body is quite massive, and to move pieces he has a giant claw sticking out of him.

Favorite Piece: Favoritism is highly illogical

Quote: "Statistically your chances for victory reside 0.001%! Pleased to make your acquaintance!"
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[User Picture]From: prozd
2011-04-11 05:23 am (UTC)
Oliver Rourke (COMPETITOR?)

Oliver is a charismatic Irishman who runs the United International Chess Tournament. His motives are unknown, but PROBABLY SINISTER. Why else would you offer $$800,000,000 to try to attract the top chess players in one place?

That's because Oliver Rourke is the SECRET BOSS. He is a Galactic Chessmaster driven purely by reckless ambition to defeat every other chess player in the world.

He's infamous for his fondness of the ladies. No one is sure about how many he's bedded, but he's bedded a LOT. His perfectly blond hair and dazzling blue eyes make the ladies swoon. He often wears classy business suits and tuxedos.

Oliver has a ruthless playing style and literally does not know how to give up. Even when at a disadvantage, he remains absolutely defiant towards his opponent while still retaining his charisma. He also has a habit of talking to his pieces and having them "talk back" in different voices, partly to irritate his opponents and also because he thinks it's fun.

Favorite Piece: The King

Quote: "What's that, Knight? You're going to take the Bishop? Well, go ahead, boyo! OKAY MR. ROURKE!!!"
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[User Picture]From: prozd
2011-04-11 06:41 am (UTC)
Gideon Corbeil (Competitor)

Gideon hails from a country that no longer exists after the Barkat Empire wiped it off the face of the planet. He is the sole survivor, a prophet who can accurately predict the future during hallucinations. If he wanted, Gideon could focus his ability and predict the future non-stop, but he chooses not to in order to maintain his sanity.

He came to the Chess Tournament because one of his hallucinations told him to. Whether he's supposed to win or not, Gideon doesn't know. He'll find out when his next hallucination comes around!

Gideon plays best when under a hallucination, mainly because they allow him to KNOW what moves his opponent will make in the future. At the same time, he has limited control over his body and sometimes he'll do completely unexpected things like accidentally moving the wrong piece or SMASHING A CHAIR INTO PIECES.

Gideon has long brown hair and a thick, scraggly beard. He wears the tattered robes of his wiped out race. His most notable physical feature are his piercing eyes. He has no pupils; his eyes practically glow. Generally, he's in a whimsical mood, despite his impressive powers.

Favorite Piece: The Bishop

Quote: "You will not win. Sorry! Prophecy said so."

Edited at 2011-04-11 06:41 am (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: ludwiggykoopa
2011-04-11 07:03 am (UTC)

Marrakesh was once a traveling minstrel who went from planet to planet enjoying a life of playing music and FAST PARTIES. (Fast parties are like normal parties but they are done while in the middle of starship races.)

He has a fast and loose personality, and enjoys being spur of the moment. He's impatient, and likes to rely on improvisation most of the time. He also is easily jealous of other people's things and can be very materialistic.

One day Marrakesh met a gypsy woman and tried to pay for her gypsy wares via song. This so annoyed her that she put a curse on him!

Marrakesh's spirit is forever trapped in the body of a knight chess piece, and is currently being used in the middle of the tournament. This is really annoying! Also this is not because of the curse (his curse was that anyone he loved would die). It's just that after he died he accidentally locked his spirit in a chesspiece.

He enjoyed music, fast partying, freedom, and not being locked inside chesspieces. Now that he is a chesspiece he likes chatting up the other pieces in order to maintain his sanity and slowly influencing the movements of the piece he is trapped in to cause mischief.

He looks like a knight chess piece! Duh! But beforehand he was a member of a scorpion-looking race and wore a colorful polka-dotted suit and was never seen without his trademark cap and angelbox (an instrument that utilizes the screams of angels to make beautiful music). His spirit looks like this but is a ghost.

Favorite Piece: NOT THE KNIGHT.

Quote: "Well, hello there Mr. Rook, you look like you could use a song! If you want, I'll sing you a jaunty tune! Bew bew bew bew bew bweee!"
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[User Picture]From: scrander
2011-04-11 03:48 pm (UTC)
Vyrman Shaile (Competitor)

Somewhere south of the Cosine Tropic is a really frigid place where nobody calls polar bears "polar bears", but "snowkillers". These polar bears of the unknown frigid area (yet to be officially named and recognized) are rumored to be terrible beings feasting on other animals, fighting each other every single day for no good reason other than that they look cool shedding blood.

And then there's Vyrman Shaile. Vyrman Shaile is one of these "meat scoundrels" whom, unlike most of his fellow naturally unclothed polar bears, is intelligent, somewhat cultured, and likes vegetables. A representative for the unknown frigid area in the UICTXVII, he is here to 1) kick some hiney in Chess and 2) make it clear that the polar bears of his homeland are not so savage that they try to kill each other outright, but are really really homely people, maybe chill bros and sisters. No pun intended.

Five years before the current tournament, an expedition funded by some people north of the Cosine Tropic ran aground at the unknown frigid area. The explorers, in their short shorts and plain white t-shirts, traversed forty miles to the fabled place where the savage "snowkillers" lived. None of them have ever seen a polar bear in their lives, for some daft reason.

They reached this concentrated area, and announced their intent to study the polar bear's lifestyle. The explorers were immediately mauled.

Not really. Before the 99% of the polar bears that made up the dumb cross section of the population could lay a finger on them, there was a lone polar bear who cried "WAAAAAAAAIT!"

The explorers, and perhaps the polar bears, gasped. The explorers have never heard any polar bear speak human tongue before, but granted they've never seen a polar bear in their life, so what the hey.

This young polar bear explained in near-fluent human tongue to his comrades that they should show some respect to these guests lest they be all up in their business creating oil refineries or new apartments over the frigid lands.

It was the first diplomatic victory for the unknown frigid area. Everybody cheered.

To honor this day, the explorers taught the polar bears the sacred game of CHESS, as a sign of their goodwill and an attempt to make the bears more cultured. Five years later, many of the polar bears have gotten the hang of this Chess game.

The best out of all of them, though, is Vyrman Shaile. After managing to beat 99% of the polar bear population at Chess in five years, he is ready to go to the best Chess tournament ever and win that $$800,000,000. He has not decided yet what he'll spend it on.

Vyrman's strategy, first and foremost, is to make sure his paws are not clumsy enough to fumble the pieces and disqualify himself from play. Secondly, he likes shielding his King from all vulnerable threats, and likes to put his opponent in check as early as possible.

Vyrman is so classy that he wears two layers of sweaters and two layers of pants, at least when traveling north of the Cosine Tropic.

Favorite Piece: Rooks, Bishops

Quote: "Don't worry, I'm not stupid enough to eat you."
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