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Game Mode: Universe Population [Apr. 9th, 2011|10:25 pm]
Campfire Sagas


This one's another collaboration between artists and writers! In this mode, we're not exactly writing a story directly, but instead we're populating a basic premise with a colorful cast of characters. You can come up with tidbits of plot, or it may be implied through character descriptions, but the focus is on the characters here!

Also, there are no strictly-defined artists or writers here. For the most part I figure people will stick with one role but if an artist has an AMAZING DESIGN for a character, there's nothing stopping 'em. Just... don't be a dummy and draw your for your own description. Let's collaborate, people.

Okay then this is a TWO-STEP process!

1. Your job is to come up with a character design fitting the theme or plot structure given by the creator of the post! It can be the MOST IMPORTANT CHARACTER or it can be like an innkeeper. Come up with a name, some basic traits, and a quick little plot summary if you want. Try to make their personality and quirks as clear as possible!

2. No bullshit like "OH MAN HE HAS A REALLY HARD-TO-DRAW HAT THAT HE ALWAYS WEARS". Don't be a dick.

1. Your job is to turn someone's design into an actual character! This means you draw them. You can do this by replying to a designer's comment letting others know you're working on that character, and then posting the picture when you finish!

2. You may also do follow-up art of someone else's previously-drawn character if you want to flesh them out just a bit more! However, the original drawing is the canon character design and it must be the same character. There isn't any need to make a comment for this one, since there's no limit on follow-up drawings.

3. Try to respect the designer's description as much as possible! Figure out how to incorporate all their traits and habits and really reflect it in the character's visual design. If they fight demons, maybe draw them fighting demons. If they love tea, maybe draw them drinking tea! Work together!

That's mostly it. Let's try to flesh this out as much as possible. If someone's character design mentions a butler, for instance, there's no reason somebody else can't design the butler. Work off of other designs and stuff. Eh, you'll do fine.