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Campfire Sagas

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Campfire Sagas

Evidently we haven't been committed enough to get a full story rolling again (you fools), so I'll make this simple. If it works out well I guess I can make it a game mode. Whatever who even cares I'll just explain it.

BASICALLY this is a simple game based on the whole "six degrees of separation" idea. The first poster introduces a character and gives a brief description of their personality and lifestyle. At the end of their post, they segue into a new character whom the poster's character is personally acquainted with (as in, no role model kind of shit, they have to have met and interacted on a regular basis).

The next poster names the new character and does the same for them, leading into the next character in the same fashion. This can and should stray wildly from the original character, BUT, eventually, should wind up linking back to the beginning. At which point the chain is complete and we can rejoice at how much of everyone's time has been wasted!


Bill is a plumber. Bill buys plumbing supplies from a guy named...

Ted. Ted is in love with a girl named...

June. June is cheating on Ted for a plumber named Bill.


If you want you can also draw your character or whatever. I don't care. Also, leave a comment letting folks know you're writing, as usual.

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(no subject) [Jun. 23rd, 2011|05:00 pm]
Campfire Sagas

Tone: Mostly serious, but comedic bits are more than welcome.

Dougie Brown jumped as the door squealed shut behind him. This was it. This was the moment he had been sulking over for the past week and a half. He was inside a centuries-old mansion whose hallways hadn't been traversed in over one hundred years. The owner was said to be an elderly oil baron who passed away silently without anybody knowing. He was a fierce, cold-hearted. Nobody dared approach his property then and they definitely didn't dare do so now.

Yet here he was. With a cheap, plastic flashlight and a disposable camera, he had certainly been the first person to brave the mysteries of the withering building for the first time since its owner had passed. Dougie searched the flashlight for his fingers and managed to locate the switch. With the push of a thumb, it sprang to life.

Immediately the face of an angry old man seized him. His heart skipped a beat and he fell to the ground with a brief shout. The flashlight landed facing him and his vision was obscured by its glow. He quickly made a reach for it and shone it back to its original position. He breathed a sigh of relief.

He had managed to point it directly at a dusty portrait. He crept up to it for a closer look. A slender, pale face with a drooping grey mustache and wrinkled to oblivion. Its eyes were piercing, firm, and seemed to be judging him as he stood before the display. Dougie used his hand to dust off the plaque, stopping for another squeal at the sight of an enormous spider happily planted over the text. He backed away, staring at the spider, cursing his incredible phobia of the damned things. The old man's name didn't really matter anyway, he'd check again later.

A thunderclap crackled just outside, and soon the pattering of raindrops could be heard hitting against the ancient woodwork of the estate. Dougie could tell that it was going to be a long night.
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Dying stories [Jun. 23rd, 2011|03:34 pm]
Campfire Sagas

So the problem with this whole community is basically that few stories are being completed. This is kind of an assumption but I'm guessing you keep up with it on your friends page, then when it scrolls down to the bottom, the story tends to be forgotten. Alternatively, people may just get tired of contributing.

There's not really a solid solution for this other than asking people to try and keep up with stories they've contributed to. The biggest thing I think would be to bookmark a story you're working on and get used to checking that instead of relying on your friends page. Alternatively, you can bookmark the community itself.

Also, there's nothing wrong with contributing to stories that have already been going for a while. I know some of you may not like reading a bunch of stuff before getting to add something yourself, but if you're willing to do so (considering these stories should be somewhat entertaining anyway), it could be helpful to keep a story healthy while it's well underway.

So yeah, just be conscious of the problem and try to commit to a story somewhat once you start on it. Yeah!
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Watch Out, Normals [Apr. 11th, 2011|11:50 am]
Campfire Sagas

Game Mode: Universe Population

Superpowered people started popping up a long time ago, and during those days, they were mistreated, hated, and feared. Well, now they outnumber the normal people, and the earth has been taken over by several international regimes of superpowered tyranny. Now the "Normals" and the "Defects" (People who aren't fully superpowered, but still retain just a bit of ability) are being hunted down and slaughtered for past crimes against supers.

Earth, but since this is in the "future," you have some liberty. I'm just making it Earth so that you can use existing countries. But if you want, you can make up new ones.

RULES: 1. The character you design must be somehow connected to the previous character. Whether this means they're friends, enemies, family, whatever. They have to have some kind of connection. You can always connect characters to other characters that have already been created prior, but they must at least be connected to the previous character.

Obviously, this doesn't apply to whoever makes the first character.

2. This one is more serious than the chess one. Doesn't mean you can't have characters be whimsical or goofy, but keep in mind that the overall tone is dramatic as opposed to comedic. So, not a parody.

3. Specify if your character is a Normal, a Defect, or a Super. Keep in mind that not all Supers are "evil" and all Normals are "good."
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(no subject) [Apr. 9th, 2011|10:44 pm]
Campfire Sagas

Game Mode: Universe Population

The United International Chess Tournament XVII is just over the horizon! This is a fierce and world-renowned competition, drawing in (Chess) fighters from all across the world! Who will claim this year's title of GRAND CHESSMASTER EXTREME!?

Fantasy world, not Earth. You can make up countries and cultures if you want! It can also contain like America because why the hell not.

-Make sure to specify whether the character is a competitor or not! They don't have to be!

-If they are a competitor, try to briefly explain their playing style. Do they have any odd quirks in their game? Do they use rooks and ONLY rooks? Are they just BATSHIT INSANE? Tell us!

-Chess is being used as a premise, not a motif. Every character does not have to be Chess-based! Actually most of them probably shouldn't be.

-Just to be clear, yes, this is parodying fighting games.
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Game Mode: Universe Population [Apr. 9th, 2011|10:25 pm]
Campfire Sagas

This one's another collaboration between artists and writers! In this mode, we're not exactly writing a story directly, but instead we're populating a basic premise with a colorful cast of characters. You can come up with tidbits of plot, or it may be implied through character descriptions, but the focus is on the characters here!

Also, there are no strictly-defined artists or writers here. For the most part I figure people will stick with one role but if an artist has an AMAZING DESIGN for a character, there's nothing stopping 'em. Just... don't be a dummy and draw your for your own description. Let's collaborate, people.

Okay then this is a TWO-STEP process!

1. Your job is to come up with a character design fitting the theme or plot structure given by the creator of the post! It can be the MOST IMPORTANT CHARACTER or it can be like an innkeeper. Come up with a name, some basic traits, and a quick little plot summary if you want. Try to make their personality and quirks as clear as possible!

2. No bullshit like "OH MAN HE HAS A REALLY HARD-TO-DRAW HAT THAT HE ALWAYS WEARS". Don't be a dick.

1. Your job is to turn someone's design into an actual character! This means you draw them. You can do this by replying to a designer's comment letting others know you're working on that character, and then posting the picture when you finish!

2. You may also do follow-up art of someone else's previously-drawn character if you want to flesh them out just a bit more! However, the original drawing is the canon character design and it must be the same character. There isn't any need to make a comment for this one, since there's no limit on follow-up drawings.

3. Try to respect the designer's description as much as possible! Figure out how to incorporate all their traits and habits and really reflect it in the character's visual design. If they fight demons, maybe draw them fighting demons. If they love tea, maybe draw them drinking tea! Work together!

That's mostly it. Let's try to flesh this out as much as possible. If someone's character design mentions a butler, for instance, there's no reason somebody else can't design the butler. Work off of other designs and stuff. Eh, you'll do fine.
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(no subject) [Mar. 8th, 2011|02:38 am]
Campfire Sagas

Game mode: My Dead Uncle's Wedding

Seven years. It had all been mapped out. Seven years was how long it would take for the plan to reach fruition. And now, it was almost time for the denouement. Six years and three months after starting, and everything was prepared and ready for the final steps. Gregor Scotch did always like being ahead of schedule.

Gregor was an architect in all ways. He was an architect in occupation, in that he had worked to build some of the most famous skyscrapers New York would see in the modern era. He was an architect in personality, believing that by building up others was the easiest way to help them achieve their full potential. And finally, he was an architect in hobby. To design and devise, that was his favorite pastime.

Mars now had a total population rivaling that of the United States, and held greater promise. The factories, resources, and untapped reserves of an entire planet. He could see all that potential, and he had every intent of securing it - under his control of course. The air was ripe for revolution. The people of Mars loved him, and he loved them. He cared for them like a father and now it was time to lead his children into a war. Nothing messy though, or even that complex. He would make sure - no, had made sure - that this would end cleanly. Perched in the office of World Governor of the United Martian Colonies, all he could do was smile, and appreciate his architecture.

[Interval 1-0]
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My Dead Uncle's Wedding: New Rules! [Mar. 8th, 2011|02:34 am]
Campfire Sagas

Here's how this one works now:

1. During every four post interval, one character must be killed off.

2. Only one character can be killed off in each interval - if a character has already died, you cannot kill anyone else until the next interval.

3. At the end of each post, in [brackets], each person must state the interval and post of that interval. For example, [Interval 2-3] for the third post of the second interval.

4. The first interval starts with the first comment. The original post is [Interval 1-0] and is outside the "kill counter." Any characters killed in the first post do not count towards the kill requirement.

5. Also, at the end of each post, you should state whether or not a character has been killed yet, like so: [Interval 1-2, no character has been killed] or [Interval 1-3, a character has been killed].

Also, all rules relating to introducing characters are gone. Introduce however you like! Woo!
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Completed Stories (Archive) [Mar. 8th, 2011|02:00 am]
Campfire Sagas

Melodic Princess, Rubiana (Sabotage Mode)
Authors: Blue, ProZD, Dogss, Siro, Wilco, and Mewd
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New rules for Sabotage [Mar. 8th, 2011|01:20 am]
Campfire Sagas

1. Saboteurs can no longer work in absolutes. Meaning, you can't say that everyone HAS to do something a certain way (I'm guilty of this; I wrote in one of my contributions that a character HAD to be referred to by their full name). Try and make your contributions stick to the ongoing story format as well. Obviously, sabotaging the story is the goal, but make it workable for the Authors. Avoid forcing them to remember stupid rules and so on that get in the way.

2. Authors are the only ones who can end the story. When they end it is up to their discretion.

Also, if you want to give your story a title, you can give it one right when you start it. Or, you can wait till the story is complete. Either way, the original poster should give the story a title.

As for ending stories, technically anyone can (except for Sabotage stories). Just don't be a spoilsport and end it prematurely for no good reason. Use your own judgment.

Finally, just a general suggestion. Obviously, since this is LiveJournal, posts are gonna disappear from your friends page. If you haven't already, I suggest tracking posts to your email so that you'll know exactly when stories are updated.
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