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Watch Out, Normals [Apr. 11th, 2011|11:50 am]
Campfire Sagas


Game Mode: Universe Population

Superpowered people started popping up a long time ago, and during those days, they were mistreated, hated, and feared. Well, now they outnumber the normal people, and the earth has been taken over by several international regimes of superpowered tyranny. Now the "Normals" and the "Defects" (People who aren't fully superpowered, but still retain just a bit of ability) are being hunted down and slaughtered for past crimes against supers.

Earth, but since this is in the "future," you have some liberty. I'm just making it Earth so that you can use existing countries. But if you want, you can make up new ones.

RULES: 1. The character you design must be somehow connected to the previous character. Whether this means they're friends, enemies, family, whatever. They have to have some kind of connection. You can always connect characters to other characters that have already been created prior, but they must at least be connected to the previous character.

Obviously, this doesn't apply to whoever makes the first character.

2. This one is more serious than the chess one. Doesn't mean you can't have characters be whimsical or goofy, but keep in mind that the overall tone is dramatic as opposed to comedic. So, not a parody.

3. Specify if your character is a Normal, a Defect, or a Super. Keep in mind that not all Supers are "evil" and all Normals are "good."

[User Picture]From: armanky
2011-04-11 09:11 pm (UTC)
Name: Val "Jack" Lockhart
Powers: Super, control over light.

Born into one of the most influential Super families on the planet, Val was raised from an early age learning about the tortured history of superpowered people. He was well taken care of by the Lockharts who had hoped for him to eventually head the military force, N.D.E.F. (Normal and Defect Eradication Forces) just as his father did before him. His remarkable powers made him a prime candidate for this position.

Eventually he became old enough to officially join N.D.E.F. and serve in his father's unit. While his first few missions were fairly uneventful and mostly had him resigned to guard duty, eventually they wound up in a full blown conflict with a rebellious group of Defects. The unit overpowered them, killing most. A young Normal attempted to flee from the battle and Val was instructed by his father to chase her down.

When he caught up with her, their eyes met. She submitted herself willingly, tears streaming down her face. "You're a monster!" she yelled at him. It was the first time Val had ever talked to one of their kind face to face, and he immediately began to question everything he had been taught. With deep regret, he brought her back as a prisoner, now unsure about the morality of their position.

He thought long and hard about the issue, occasionally speaking to his father about it who insisted that the Normals and Defects had brought it upon themselves. But the more Val thought about that woman's tortured face, the more he regretted the way their world was being run. He decided that he needed to find a speak to the woman he had captured.

That following day, he went to the prison and requested permission to speak to the prisoners his unit had brought in. But it was too late. Each prisoner had been interrogated and subsequently executed immediately after their capture, and the woman Val had met eyes with was no exception. When Val asked how they could be so cruel, the response from the guard was the same as his father's had been. "They brought it upon themselves."

At that moment, Val realized that everything his people were doing was wrong. The Supers had become the very thing they hated. He decided to run away from his home and his position in N.D.E.F., vowing never again to commit such inhumane acts ever again, and to discover the identity of the woman he himself had caused the death of.

He eventually found a colony of Normals and Defects, going under the alias "Jack" and posing as a Defect. In combat, he wears a mask to conceal his identity and must refrain from using the full extent of his powers, least his identity as a Super be discovered. Now he seeks to put an end to the war and finally establish harmony, something their world has never truly known.
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[User Picture]From: wilcoblackflame
2011-04-12 01:17 pm (UTC)
Name: Garfield "Flux" Eddel
Powers: Super, control over states of matter.

Born into relative poverty, Garfield's youth was relatively uneventful for a young super, the usual accidents of learning to control one's power aside. Joining the N.D.E.F. when he came of age, in a relatively short amount of time, due to both his power and a single minded dedication to the orders of his superiors, he had risen from the infantry to the ranks of the Hand, the elite personal unit of the military's high command.

The Hand do not have names that are publicly known. The entire purpose of the unit is to inspire both awe and fear. The very sighting of a Hand operative is enough to raise the morale of the N.D.E.F. and bring dread to Normals and Defects unfortunate enough to be nearby.

Upon entering the Hand, Garfield's personal information became classified material and like all Hand agents before him, was given a new name. Now Flux, he is both renowned and feared for his ability to alter the state of matter in 30 foot radius around his body. Any matter within this range can be shifted between a solid, liquid or gaseous state. Unless caught unawares, attempting to kill Flux has become tantamount to a deathwish among the non-supers.

More recently, he has been recalled from the field and his usual duties of wiping Normal and Defect strongholds off the map to take on a special assignment from General Lockhart.

His son, the supposed heir apparent for the military command has apparently gone rogue. Naturally, for a man of his standing, such news could be very harmful to the credibility of the General were it to be made public.

The media had been informed that a group of rebel Normals and Defects from the same group that had recently assaulted General Lockhart's unit had returned and managed to abduct Val Lockhart.

Flux wears the standard uniform of the Hand, which is predominately black with a gold fist emblem on the shoulder and the breast. A grey mask covers his upper face, leaving only the mouth exposed. A messy quantity of blonde hair is tied back to remain out of his line of vision. an assault rifle is slung over his back and a large survival knife is sheathed at his waist.

Under the guise of "rescuing" Val, Flux has now been dispatched to track the wayward son down and bring him home, one way or another. If he can be convinced to return, well and good. If not, he has his orders. The boy is to be killed, and used as a martyr to ensure such questioning of faith does not happen again. The hunt is on.
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