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[Apr. 9th, 2011|10:44 pm]
Campfire Sagas


Game Mode: Universe Population

The United International Chess Tournament XVII is just over the horizon! This is a fierce and world-renowned competition, drawing in (Chess) fighters from all across the world! Who will claim this year's title of GRAND CHESSMASTER EXTREME!?

Fantasy world, not Earth. You can make up countries and cultures if you want! It can also contain like America because why the hell not.

-Make sure to specify whether the character is a competitor or not! They don't have to be!

-If they are a competitor, try to briefly explain their playing style. Do they have any odd quirks in their game? Do they use rooks and ONLY rooks? Are they just BATSHIT INSANE? Tell us!

-Chess is being used as a premise, not a motif. Every character does not have to be Chess-based! Actually most of them probably shouldn't be.

-Just to be clear, yes, this is parodying fighting games.

[User Picture]From: scrander
2011-04-11 03:48 pm (UTC)
Vyrman Shaile (Competitor)

Somewhere south of the Cosine Tropic is a really frigid place where nobody calls polar bears "polar bears", but "snowkillers". These polar bears of the unknown frigid area (yet to be officially named and recognized) are rumored to be terrible beings feasting on other animals, fighting each other every single day for no good reason other than that they look cool shedding blood.

And then there's Vyrman Shaile. Vyrman Shaile is one of these "meat scoundrels" whom, unlike most of his fellow naturally unclothed polar bears, is intelligent, somewhat cultured, and likes vegetables. A representative for the unknown frigid area in the UICTXVII, he is here to 1) kick some hiney in Chess and 2) make it clear that the polar bears of his homeland are not so savage that they try to kill each other outright, but are really really homely people, maybe chill bros and sisters. No pun intended.

Five years before the current tournament, an expedition funded by some people north of the Cosine Tropic ran aground at the unknown frigid area. The explorers, in their short shorts and plain white t-shirts, traversed forty miles to the fabled place where the savage "snowkillers" lived. None of them have ever seen a polar bear in their lives, for some daft reason.

They reached this concentrated area, and announced their intent to study the polar bear's lifestyle. The explorers were immediately mauled.

Not really. Before the 99% of the polar bears that made up the dumb cross section of the population could lay a finger on them, there was a lone polar bear who cried "WAAAAAAAAIT!"

The explorers, and perhaps the polar bears, gasped. The explorers have never heard any polar bear speak human tongue before, but granted they've never seen a polar bear in their life, so what the hey.

This young polar bear explained in near-fluent human tongue to his comrades that they should show some respect to these guests lest they be all up in their business creating oil refineries or new apartments over the frigid lands.

It was the first diplomatic victory for the unknown frigid area. Everybody cheered.

To honor this day, the explorers taught the polar bears the sacred game of CHESS, as a sign of their goodwill and an attempt to make the bears more cultured. Five years later, many of the polar bears have gotten the hang of this Chess game.

The best out of all of them, though, is Vyrman Shaile. After managing to beat 99% of the polar bear population at Chess in five years, he is ready to go to the best Chess tournament ever and win that $$800,000,000. He has not decided yet what he'll spend it on.

Vyrman's strategy, first and foremost, is to make sure his paws are not clumsy enough to fumble the pieces and disqualify himself from play. Secondly, he likes shielding his King from all vulnerable threats, and likes to put his opponent in check as early as possible.

Vyrman is so classy that he wears two layers of sweaters and two layers of pants, at least when traveling north of the Cosine Tropic.

Favorite Piece: Rooks, Bishops

Quote: "Don't worry, I'm not stupid enough to eat you."
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